Regional Promotion: Tenerrdis

Regional Promotion: Tenerrdis

Every month, we promote one of our ICN members as part of the ICN Passport service. For the month of July we are promoting our cluster member Tenerrdis from France.

Tenerrdis aims to promote sustainable business growth and job creation across the new-energy-technology industries by developing new technologies to drive the energy transition through R&D&I projects. This involves industrial, institutional, academic, scientific partners with the support of the State and Local Authorities.

One of the new objectives of Tenerrdis is to foster the synergy between groups and small companies. Recently, Tenerrdis has organized Open Innovation Days with some groups and SMEs members (Total, Schneider Electric, General Electric). In order to move along the innovation value chain, Tenerrdis has set up new actions to “energize” its members’ business, through the certification “Energized By Tenerrdis”, identifying the most valuable products stemming from R&D projects.

For more information about what Tenerrdis is currently up to, see here. If you are interested in engaging with Tenerrdis through the ICN Passport service, simply contact the ICN Secretariat.

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