Project Development

Being a part of ICN provides a unique platform that allows members to engage in project discussions with other ICN members in order to form or join project consortia. Subsequently, most members of ICN are engaged in a formalised cooperation with other ICN members on a number of cleantech projects: waste management, cluster-to-cluster trainings, internationalization of SMEs to defined markets and much more. 


ICN’s role depends on the nature of the project in question. ICN can leverage its position as a leading hub of cleantech actors to convene diverse stakeholders to participate in large-scale multilateral projects. It can also provide the institutional infrastructure to support bilateral cooperation between member clusters.

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The City Solutions Platform is a collaborative forum for engagement between innovative private sector solutions providers and megacities with complex challenges from the C40 network.


ICN members Clean Tech Delta and CLEAN are part of the SCALE-UP initiative, a North Sea Region network supported and encouraged by ICN. 


Northern Connections is a partnership involving ICN clusters, cities, regions and kowledge institutions working together to create innovative solutions in the energy sector accross the North Sea Region.

In 2017, ICN successfully facilitated the COSME/EC2i project submission. 5 ICN Clusters were awarded a total of €450,000 for matchmaking missions to China and the United States.


The aim of the COOLSWEEP (2013-2015) project was to identify and deliver innovative coordination activities to streamline and harmonize regional initiatives within the waste-to-energy sector at the transnational level.