• Carla Böttinger

ICN Cluster Internationalisation Best Practices: The EC2i Project

Photo: Waldemar Brandt

Between January 2018 and December 2019, five ICN clusters – Green Tech Cluster in Austria, TWEED in Belgium, CLEAN in Denmark, Tenerrdis in France and Sustainable Business Hub in Sweden – conducted a series of SME internationalisation missions to China and the United States through the EU-funded EC2i project.

The project's implementation focused on three main aspects: strategic partnerships, internationalisation and shared vision:

  • The strategic partnerships pillar focused on analyzing the local markets' states, identifying relevant stakeholders and establishing business collaborations.

  • The shared vision pillar emphasized on the development of tools to help SMEs form cross-sectoral, multinational consortia within those new markets, such as Business Intelligence template, SME directory, etc.

  • The internationalisation pillar focused on consolidating the previous steps and organizing matchmaking missions in the targeted countries.

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