• Carla Böttinger

Success Story: CLEAN's Circularity City

Photo: EJ Yao

Every month, we share a success story about one of our members. This month we chose to highlight the CLEAN's Circularity City project, a platform project about circular economy and construction, involving both local municipalities and Danish companies.

Between 2016 and 2019, the project aimed at boosting a circular economy within the building sector of Central Denmark Region and Denmark in general. The project brought together actors from across the Central Denmark Region to create the circular cities of tomorrow and leverage circular construction and design to accelerate sustainable business growth.

The project involved 17 municipalities, over 60 companies, and several knowledge institutions in numerous activities, which spurred new projects and collaborations across the industry, and developed methods and toolkits to enable the further development of circular building practices.

The project was part of the strategic efforts of Central Denmark Region to position itself as a leading business zone for circular economy and involved municipalities as well as private urban developers contributing through construction and urban development projects. These have served as beacons for circular construction in the region. The projects have raised awareness, not only in Denmark but also abroad, and helped to create new business and export opportunities for the region’s construction companies. To learn more about the project, click here.

CLEAN has just kickstarted a new circular economy project which aims at giving more than 450 Danish companies a circular business model, and one of the primary focus areas are reuse and recycling of plastic, which you can learn more about here.