• Carla Böttinger

Regional Promotion: Foresight & Écotech Québec, Canada

Every month, we promote one of our ICN members as part of the ICN Passport service. For the month of February, we are promoting our cluster member Écotech Québec and Foresight from Canada.

Photo: Écotech Québec

About the cluster: Écotech Québec is a co-founder and board member of CanadaCleantech, which gives cleantech SMEs access to other Canadian provinces opportunities. Écotech Québec has a close relationship with the US: it is where 28% of Québec cleantech SMEs export. Écotech Québec has more than 220 members ranging from private companies to knowledge institutions and public authorities, representing the Québec cleantech industry. Écotech Québec facilitates the partnerships within its strong network across various industries in Québec. Écotech Québec organizes events where you can get the latest knowledge in your specific area of expertise and meet the leading players in Québec.

Why Québec? Québec cleantechs generate over $1 billion in annual revenue and $300 million in research and development investments, while employing nearly 9,000 people across some 350 companies. Écotech Québec’s main areas of innovation are: Renewables, Energy efficiency, Waste management, Water. Other rapidly developing sub-sectors in Québec are: Green Chemistry, Ecomobility, CO2 sequestration and valorization, energy storage and soil remediation.

For more information about what Écotech Québec is currently up to, see here.

Photo: Foresight

About the cluster: Foresight Cleantech Accelerator in Vancouver, Canada is also a board member of CanadaCleantech. It has supported over 300 cleantech companies to accelerate their growth. With over $120M in funding, 3000 jobs created and $35M in revenue, Foresight is the opportunity hub for cleantech innovation in Western Canada. Foresight Large Industry Innovation Program (FLIIP) is in full steam ahead mode for 2020, with multiple industry challenges and pilot project opportunities open to a global market. Foresight Cleantech Accelerator will be presenting key findings and recommendations for a Cleantech Cluster Initiative in BC at the Globe 2020 Forum happening in Vancouver, BC on Feb 11, 2020. Foresight is leading the charge to develop a world-class cleantech innovation ecosystem that will catalyze a sustainable transition to a green economy and energize BC’s reputation as a centre for cleantech research and commercialization.

Why British Columbia? Headquartered in one of the world’s greenest cities, (Vancouver, BC), the province of British Columbia is the cleantech hotbed of Canada, with over ⅓ of all cleantech companies in Canada and over ½ of the Canadian Cleantech 100 companies making their home in this Pacific Rim province. Innovations abound in energy, transportation, industrial processes, natural resources, the built environment, and agrifood, with $3.9 billion USD in investment over the last 3 years.

For more information about what Foresight is currently up to, see here.

If you are interested in engaging with them through the ICN Passport service, simply contact the ICN Secretariat.