• Jack Reid

Annual Meeting Round Up 2022

This year the International Cleantech Network (ICN) held its 9th annual meeting in Grenoble France (The EU selected Green Capital of 2022) from the 8-11th of March 2022. The four-day event provided the ICN members the first opportunity since the Annual Meeting in Abu Dhabi in 2020 to meet up in person and discuss strategies for the organisation moving forward and potential synergies between members for upcoming projects, events and future innovation collaborations.

The Annual Meeting kicked off officially on the Tuesday where the secretariat alongside ICN Chairman Mike Mulcahy and Tenerrdis CEO Severine Joanneau welcomed the participating members. Following the welcoming session, we then had cluster to cluster meetings where the members were given the opportunity to have one to one discussions with each other and explore potential collaborations this upcoming year and beyond. Following this we had some presentations from ICN partners the Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF) around their matchmaking, solutions sourcing and labelling and advocacy services. The day was then capped off with a meeting at Grenoble Alpes Metropole.

For day 2 the secretariat received valuable input from the participating members on ways in which ICN could add value to its current offerings. Key takeaways from the sessions involved facilitating more collaboration and dialogue between the SMEs within the ICN ecosystem, connecting global funding sources and the organisation of local activities where ICN members are given the opportunity to participate. The secretariat over the next few weeks will be collating all these inputs and then using this to fine tune the services provided to the network. Alongside the internal strategy sessions, we also had three great presentations from DG Grow, InnoEnergy and BigBooster.

On day 3 the ICN workshops commenced, the first of which was the ICN Challenge Workshop. Here the clusters were presented with methods in which to engage cities and corporates and run innovation challenge processes. Following this there was a brainstorming session where everyone gave some valuable inputs into the type of programmes that could benefit from ICN challenges, the types of challenge owners which could be brought into ICN challenges and crucially what kind of support the ICN team can give in driving this process. Our second workshop concerned the topic of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI). Here the COSME funded BRINC project which officially kicked off last November was presented to give members an overview of how the project is utilising innovative procurement processes to drive the uptake of novel green solutions. The day ended with the Annual ICN General Meeting to discuss the strategic objectives for 2022-23.

The week wrapped up with the thematic sessions. Here the key topics, upcoming events and possible cluster to cluster synergies within the areas of Circular Economy, Energy and Water were explored.

We would like to thank Tenerrdis for hosting us at this year’s gathering and we are greatly looking forward to putting into practice the ideas and inputs we gathered over the 4 day event.