• Carla Böttinger

Annual Meeting 2019 in London: A Special Report

Photo: ICN

The International Cleantech Network (ICN) held its fourth Annual Meeting in London on 4-7 March 2019 hosted by the British ICN member Greentech South in conjunction with the FutureBuild Conference.  The event was highly productive and included cluster-to-cluster sessions, sessions on how to support the SME’s our members, meetings with C40 cities and a scale-up workshop. The members of ICN also decided upon a new strategic direction that allows for a more focused approached within the various thematic cleantech areas. The new strategic and focused approach will be implemented in the months to come. In essence, ICN continues to deliver value to it’s members focusing on project development, internationalisation and knowledge-sharing further segmenting the importance of international cluster collaboration in the global green economy.