• Carla Böttinger

Annual Meeting 2016 in Cape Town: Exciting Prospects for ICN

Photo: ICN

This year’s ICN Annual Meeting was hosted by GreenCape and was held on 16-19 May 2016 in the breathtaking city of Cape Town, South Africa. The event took place in conjunction with the utility conference “African Utility Week” that provided excellent possibilities for accompanying business delegations to seek opportunities and meet like-minded industry partners in the green economy. The event also allowed for ICN to focus internally on its core strategy and to discuss how the network could add further value to its members.

One of the results of the strategic work was the establishment of a number of task forces with where members will be included in the work. One task force focuses on ICN involvement in the C40 project which is a network of “Green Cities” that will develop a number of sustainable projects. This project could provide interesting opportunities for the members of the clusters of ICN. Another established task force aims to identify and subsequently apply for the most relevant project programs for clusters. In addition to task forces, the annual meeting also featured a so-called “Cluster2Cluster” event that allowed clusters to present themselves to each other and identify areas of common interests.

All in all, the gathering of the ICN members allowed for members to exchange ideas and provide a strategic direction in order to maximize the opportunities within the cleantech sector. ICN was therefore grateful for this positive South African experience and looks forward to next year’s Annual Meeting, which will take place in Lyon, France in March 2017.