US Mission Webinar, 18 June 2019

Innovation Webinar: US Matchmaking Mission

Interested in the energy and environmental technology market in the USA? Need advice? 

On 18 June 2019, an online webinar was held regarding the US mission which will take place on 16-20 September 2019. During the webinar a number of US partners provided inputs regarding the current state of play of the green economy in the United States. The speakers were:

  1. Bridge Innovation Partners (soft landing services in the United States),
  2. Hodgson Russ (green initiatives on the US East Coast),
  3. NYSERDA (funding programmes in the New York area),
  4. World Climate Limited (the second annual Horizon19 conference in Boston)
  5. ENRICH (soft landing services and incubator associations in the US).
  • To consult the video of the webinar, please see this link
  • To consult the slides presentation of the webinar, please see this link

If you want to join the mission and for any further information about this exciting opportunity, please contact Frederik Thure, Project Manager at or Justine Duchenne, Project Assistant at


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