What we do
The International Cleantech Network enables the worlds leading cleantech clusters and their regional ecosystems to collectively develop and implement sustainable solutions that contribute to and stimulate the global green economy. 
ICN offers a range of services aimed at generating new business opportunities, enhancing competitive advantages and creating value for the companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities of its members.

Facilitates exchange of digital and physical knowledge between members on both cleantech and cluster operational thematic.

Opens foreign markets for cluster members’ SMEs by giving access to concrete international business opportunities as well as the offices and local networks of our clusters all over the world 


Gives access to ecosystems with intergovernmental organisations, investors and corporations through local cluster relationships and international partnerships.

Provides visibility to our members

 through event participation, project development and members' achievements promotion

Enables project development through trusted relationships and international partnerships, with the Secretariat actively engaged in project development for its members.