Current Regional Promotion

Every month, ICN promotes member clusters from a particular region as part of the ICN Passport Service. We are currently promoting our cluster member CleantechAlps located in Sion, Switzerland. If you are interested in exploring the cleantech markets in Switzerland you can do so by simply applying for the ICN Passport.

ICN Passport Regional Promotion, 29th edition (September 2019):



  • Photovoltaics
  • Small‐scale hydro (<10 MW)
  • Waste treatment and recycling
  • Water (drinking and wastewater treatment)
  • Smart grids & eEnergy
  • Industrial ecology (use of industry waste as raw material)
  • Energy efficiency (industrial, buildings, transportation)
  • Eco-mobility
  • Agritech
  • Hybrid technologies (processes, technology and services backing cleantech applications: thin film, new materials, microfiltration, Internet of things – IoT, Big data algorithms …)


Cleantech Alps offers following benefits to their members: 

  • Accelerated network integration to key players of the Swiss cleantech innovation scene (academic, finance, industry and public authorities) to help find research, investment or business partners
  • Entry door to support business innovation in the Heart of Europe
  • Access to market information and insights to main cleantech areas
  • Provide visibility in the cleantech community and media

For more information about regional opportunities in Switzerland, please check out the CleantechAlps brochure.