Internationalisation is a core aspect of ICN's services. By giving access to international challenges relevant to the expertise of ICN members on the ICN Solutions Platform and by providing the ICN passport services, which allows ICN members to request assistance when looking for support in a region where another cluster member is based, ICN enables its members to develop and strengthen their international partnerships.

ICN Solutions Platform

ICN is continuously identifying potential relevant leads in cities and corporations around the world. If you wish to be active in our project opportunities and stay up-to-date please join our opportunities page on ICN Solutions platform by clicking the "join opportunities" button. All you have to do is click the link, create and account and receive an acceptance in your email. From there, you can use the platform to find relevant opportunities to you.

ICN Passport

The ICN Passport is a service that allow interested members within the ICN network to request assistance when seeking new project partners or business opportunities at a local ICN cluster in the targeted region. It also provides the local cluster with the opportunity to expand its network, to meet potential partners and to gain new knowledge.

What it is

The ICN Passport allows for a visiting cluster or member of the cluster to be hosted at the workspace of a hosting cluster. The offer is subject to the availability of the host cluster resources (supporting staff, documentation, space) and terms for the visit must be negotiated amongst the involved parties. The visiting cluster/company will have an office desk to work from and the possibility to use meeting facilities at the office of the local cluster. The local cluster will be able to demonstrate added value to its own members by facilitating contact with foreign partners creating possibilities for new business.


"My company "XY" is a proud member of Sustainable Business Hub in Malmö Sweden, which is a member of ICN. GreenCape is the only African member of ICN. This week I am working from their office while we discuss how Sweden & South Africa can collaborate around international opportunities and value, and how to enhance our competitive advantage. As a member I have full access to the beautiful office & a booked Board Room, which is really valueable for me enabling me hosting meetings here. Being a member of Sustainable Business Hub enhances my business tremendously internationally."

Clara Norell, Founding Director and Creative Agent

How to apply


When planning a business trip, quickly ask your local cluster if it has ICN partners where you’re going. We’ll put you in touch and once you’re there, you can use the offices of that international cluster and have the same benefits their members do!

  1.  Send the application to ICN Secretariat @bej@

  2. ICN Secretariat facilitates contact between applicant and the host cluster.

  3. The host cluster and the applicant arrange details of the visit