Join the International Cleantech Network

As a member of ICN you are part of the global network of leading cleantech clusters, gaining access to partners, markets, and expertise.

“When we spot opportunities, we share them with members and do our best to facilitate contacts with new customers, suppliers and research partners from other clusters so members can form partnerships and seize the following opportunities.”

ICN creates value for regional stakeholders and is the primary platform for member clusters to engage in international outreach. ICN members pledge to act as strong, innovative strategic partners by collaborating on activities and sharing cross-regional business opportunities.


  • Build solid relations with key industry stakeholders (e.g., buyers, investors, researchers) who facilitate business opportunities.
  • Collaborate with other clusters on inter-cluster projects.
  • Partner with 3rd party organizations (e.g. UN, EU) that provide access to and funding for inter-cluster projects.


  • Engage in further cross-regional coordination with clusters that are well-positioned, highly motivated and have strategic strengths.
  • Gain market knowledge as each member serves as a one-stop entry point for its respective region.


  • Share best practices for cluster management excellence.

How to become a member?

The application must be accompanied by the completed ICN Application form demonstrating that the candidate meets the following criteria:

  • Triple helix organization (companies, universities/research institutions and public authorities)
  • Track-record of being a leading cluster
  • A strong base of internationally focussed stakeholders
  • A large member base
  • Broad focus on cleantech sectors
  • International strategy for the cluster
  • Willingness to dedicate resources towards ICN activities and projects

For the ICN initiative to flourish, it is important that all members share a common understanding of and contribute to the ongoing development of the network’s activities. To be selected, your cluster must meet all of the criteria above, as well as provide added-value and complementarity to the entire network.

The ICN Secretariat is responsible for presenting applications to the Board of Directors for approval. For more information please see here

As an ICN member you will also have responsibilities towards the network

It is expected that all members will contribute to the network as follows:

  • Share your network
  • Actively participate in matchmaking events
  • Provide news updates
  • Establish common knowledge
  • Meet your partners
  • Benchmark your cluster
  • The annual membership fee is currently 10.000 €