Athens Challenge: City Workshop

Athens Challenge: City Workshop

On the 25th – 26th September 2018, ICN member CLEAN together with C40 Cities and the City of Athens’ Resilience Office, brought more than 60 local and international experts together to co-create solutions to the urban heat island effects facing Athens. Participants included representatives of Rambøll, Arup, Dell, The University of Athens, Bloomberg Associates, The Athens Partnership, and WWF Greece, amongst others. The solutions developed focused on renewable energy sails that provide shade, more green spaces and geothermal cooling solutions.

As an ICN challenge, companies in attendance from the network were Rambøll (CLEAN) and Smart Cities Consulting (Green Tech Cluster), who co-created solution ideas with other local and international companies, research institutes, and NGOs and pitched these ideas to key stakeholders from the City of Athens.

The City of Athens is now selecting the best ideas developed in this workshop to be piloted in Athens, with the hope to scale across the City in the near future.The C40 City Solutions Platform programme is designed to help the public and private sectors work together in the early phase of climate project development to ensure more innovative and impactful solutions can be developed. The initiative has previously worked with the cities of Seattle, Sydney, Melbourne and Rio De Janeiro on a range of different climate challenges.

The Secretariat is always seeking new challenges for the network to assist in solving, and please make contact in any case.

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