World Alliance Efficient Solutions Label Webinar

9 Jul 2018

World Alliance Efficient Solutions Label Webinar

The World Alliance continue their mission to discover #1000solutions to products, services and clean technologies and on the 5th of July hosted a webinar on how to be a part of this challenge. The webinar was directed at innovators and outlines the objective of the challenge, the focus areas of innovation and how innovators can obtain the World Alliance Efficient Solutions label.

Hosted in Quebec, the webinar can be accessed here in both English & French.

The World Alliance will be presenting the 1000 chosen solutions to policy makers and business leaders at COP24 this year. In working with the World Alliance, ICN companies will find new match-making opportunities, strengthen their credibility and boost their visibility.

For more information, the World Alliance website can be found here or contact made directly with the ICN secretariat.

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