Regional promotion June 2018: Tenerrdis

11 Jun 2018

Regional promotion June 2018: Tenerrdis

Every month, we promote one of our ICN members as part of the ICN Passport service. For the month of June, we are promoting our cluster member Tenerrdis from the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region.

Tenerrdis holds a strong expertise in following 7 fields: solar energy, biomass/biogas, wind energy, hydropower, smart energy grids and energy storage and energy efficiency. Besides the advantage of the beautiful natural environment and a high quality of life in the region, Tenerrdis enjoys a strong synergy between research & universities and companies together with a strong involvement of local authorities in new projects. This environment has naturally attracted international research facilities and multidisciplinary research team, as well as foreign owned companies to the region.

For more information about what Tenerrdis is currently up to, check out their website or see here. If you are interested in Tenerrdis or in engaging with Tenerrdis through the ICN Passport service, simply contact the ICN Secretariat.


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