31 Jan 2019


Every month, we promote one of our ICN members as part of the ICN Passport service. For the month of January we are promoting our cluster member GreenCape from South Africa.

GreenCape is a national South African cleantech cluster with expertise across water and waste management, renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable transport and green finance. GreenCape helped establish the Atlantis Special Economic Zone for Green Technologies (ASEZ) in 2018, a region near Cape Town where companies can enjoy a wide range of benefits such as access to tax reductions. Join GreenCape and have access to their member base contacts totalling over 1500 and any of their five offices located throughout the country.

For more information about what GreenCape is currently up to, see here. If you are interested in GreenCape or in engaging with them through the ICN Passport service, simply contact the ICN Secretariat.

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