Regional Promotion: CleantechAlps

30 Jul 2018

Regional Promotion: CleantechAlps

Every month, we promote one of our ICN members as part of the ICN Passport service. For the summer months of July and August we are promoting our cluster member CleantechAlps from Switzerland.

Switzerland occupies a central, strategic position at the geographic, technologic and economic heart of Europe. It has particularly good connections to the main international and European centres. CleantechAlps is their region’s driving force for the development of the cleantech sector, promoting interaction between businessess and players in the field. CleantechAlps specialises small-scale hydro, water & waste treatment, smart grids & eEnergy, industrial ecology, i.e. using waste as raw material, eco-mobility and more.

Switzerland is a leader in cleantech. While many regional and national players are still trying to position themselves in the cleantech field, Switzerland is not only home to the sector’s flagship companies, but has fully assimilated the philosophy of sustainable use of resources, making it an integral part of daily life for everyone.

For more information about what CleantechAlps is currently up to, check out their website or see here. If you are interested in CleantechAlps or in engaging with CleantechAlps through the ICN Passport service, simply contact the ICN Secretariat.


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