Major interest in Copenhagen conference
Feb 08, 2012

The number of participants for the Copenhagen Open Smart City Conference is rapidly increasing, the line-up of main speakers for the Tuesday program has now been finalized and the sector track programs are continuously being updated with new and exciting items.

Sign-ups for the conference on March 20-21, 2012 now stand at several hundred and are still rising, with the percentage of participants from overseas remaining high. The Tuesday program will set the framework for the conference: the smart city business opportunities offered by Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and its strong international network of clusters will be presented by a series of keynote speakers. The four sector tracks with activities on Tuesday and Wednesday will then look specifically at projects relevant to the sector players.

Copenhagen and cleantech
At the general session on Tuesday, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, will open the conference and explain why Copenhagen is a hub for smart city solutions. Following this, the CEO of Dong Energy, Anders Eldrup, will present Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster. Dong, the Danish state-owned energy company, is world famous for its dedication to renewable energy. With an ambitious energy strategy for converting a large part of the Danish power supply to renewable sources, Dong aims to play an important role in helping Denmark achieve its political goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. To Dong, this presupposes a general strengthening of the cleantech industry, and the company is a natural key partner for Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (CCC).

Made possible by CCC and ICN!
After a panel discussion, International Cleantech Network (ICN) and the ten clusters that are part of the exclusive platform for global cluster collaboration will be presented along with a number of other participating international clusters. During the afternoon, the first activities in the four sector tracks will take place, and the day will be rounded off by a presentation about Danish climate vision and strategy by the Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Buildings, Martin Lidegaard.

Unique sector track programs
Wednesday's program is fully devoted to experiencing projects and networking within the four sectors of smart grid, smart buildings, waste as a resource, and water systems. The participants will visit projects, meet innovative companies and discuss new solutions and business models to develop the smart city of the future within the sector which is relevant to them. The sector tracks will be updated and items added to the Wednesday agenda up until the conference starts so as to provide the participants with the best and most relevant programs possible.

See the most recent programs here.

Ask Stephan Skare Nielsen, Head of International Cleantech Network, about the conference.

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