Meet the Buyer Event: Energy Storage & Air Pollution

Johnson Matthey
19 Jun 2017

Meet the Buyer Event: Energy Storage & Air Pollution

The Development of and Search for New Technologies at Johnson Matthey: July 6

Johnson Matthey uses science to makes the world cleaner and healthier. 2017 marks our 200th anniversary and over the past two centuries we have built our reputation as a global leader in sustainable technologies. Today, more than 90% of our sales come from products and technologies that benefit the environment and people’s health.

Areas of interest

Energy Storage

Future energy systems will be different to established energy systems. Increasing electrification and the ongoing shift to renewable energy generation means that more of the principal primary energy input is electricity: it is more distributed and more intermittent. Production is becoming decoupled from demand. This requires new mechanisms to balance the system – by storing and by creating new links between the four siloes. Johnson Matthey are looking for energy storage technologies to provide frequency response from 2 secs to long term where JM’s strengths can contribute to the value proposition. We are particularly interested in batteries for stationary electricity storage, electrochemical and thermochemical power-to-x technologies (e.g. power-to-H2), distributed generation, decarbonised fossil heat, fuel & power generation, electrification of chemical processes.

Air Pollution

There are many types of air pollution, some are visible like smog covering capital cities, others like residential indoor air quality are less visible. Emission control is one of the things JM is best known for. We make about a third of all autocatalysts fitted to cars in the world. But it’s not just about vehicles, we also create products for reducing emissions from diesel generators through to leaf blowers. We are also working on better air purification systems. At Johnson Matthey, we are always thinking of ways to improve the quality of air around us. If you have a business idea that helps clean up the air and you have an idea for how JM strengths can help, we want to hear from you.


Johnson Matthey has interests in the area of biocatalysis and we currently supply a portfolio of enzymes for reactions such as transaminations and transesterifications. We are interested in increasing our portfolio of reactions facilitated by enzymes, but we are also interested more widely in the areas of synthetic biology, strain engineering and fermentation science. Reactions which have conventionally been done with conventional catalysis, often at high temperatures and pressures, which could advantageously be done via biological routes are relevant. We are interested not only in single step transformations, but also in full biosynthetic routes to useful molecules using inexpensive feedstocks such as sugar, methane or CO2. Example would be Amryis’ production of farnesene by the fermentation of sugars with a modified yeast or Evolva’s route to vanillin.

Some of JM’s strengths

▪ Advanced materials design and engineering

▪ Synthetic & surface chemistry, material characterisation and testing

▪ Scale-up of complex manufacturing

▪ Provision of customised solutions

▪ Customer service & reliable brand

How to apply

If you are interested in this opportunity in the first instance please express interest by responding with an email to: describing in less than 100 words why you believe there is a fit between your company and Johnson Matthey. In addition please also provide a link to your website and up to two pages of additional company or product information.

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