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City Solutions Platform of the C40 Cities Network
21 Mar 2017

ICN Solutions Landscape Report

The City Solutions Platform of the C40 Cities Network, has designated four pilot projects with a focus on developing sustainable solutions in Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro and Seattle in the United States.

Being a corporate partner of the C40 Cities Network, International Cleantech Network (ICN) can provide access to the solution providers to the designated pilot projects. On that note, ICN has published a report, ICN Solutions Landscape, that provides an overview of the solutions that the members of ICN propose to the designated challenges. The report demonstrates the potential of the ICN members and their capacity to deliver high-quality cleantech solutions within a wide scope of the cleantech taxonomy. The city solutions platform will engage with cities and selected solution providers in order to develop solutions for the designated city challenges and contractually engage with preferred partners by the end of 2017.

Click here for more information about the C40 City Solutions Platform!

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