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Presentation of the four pilot city challenges
1 Dec 2016

ICN present at Mayors Summit in Mexico City: Day 1 – presentation of the four pilot city challenges for the CSP

The ICN Secretariat participated on the first day of the C40 Mayors Summit which kicked off with a well-organised side-event featuring the official announcement of the 4 pilot cities that have been chosen for the City Solutions Platform (CSP). The cities chosen as pilot cities were the following: Rio de Janeiro (Waste management), Seattle (Mobility), Melbourne (Water management) and Sydney (Renewable Energy). The objective of the project is to provide sustainable solutions for a designated city through an extensive public-partnership cooperation made possible through the CSP platform.

The event had participation from the lord mayors of the cities of Copenhagen and Sydney as well as representatives from the main industry partners in the CSP whom all engaged in an interesting debate regarding the main advantages and challenges for public-private cooperation regarding sustainable solutions. It was argued that some of the key elements for successful implementation of green solutions necessitated a strong public-private partnership where the cities engaged constantly with the business sector in order to develop appropriate solutions for the designated urban challenges. Another key element of success was strong support from city officials as well as a clear and well-thought long-term environmental strategy with feasible climate goals for each city.

The C40 Summit continues on 1-2 December which will include speeches from former NYC Mayor Bloomberg speaking about the global role of city climate action as well as the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who will present the C40 strategy for the next 4 years.

C40 director Simon Hansen announce the 4 selected cities for C40 CSP

C40 director Simon Hansen announce the 4 selected cities for C40



Illustrated overview of the CSP with 4 city challenges

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