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4 Aug 2017


Welcome to the Green Tech Valley, where green innovation grows

The Green Tech Valley is located in and around Graz, Austria and is home to more than 200 companies and research institutions working and researching in the area of green technologies and innovations as part of the Green Tech Cluster. With 20 global technology leaders, the region of Styria provides the world’s highest concentration in the areas of bioenergy, solar energy, waste and resource management and green buildings within the radius of an hour’s drive. This is the global hotspot for advanced energy and environmental technologies and proven growth through innovation. Businesses in the Green Tech Valley are growing almost twice as rapidly as world markets. This innovative capacity has consistently placed the Green Tech Valley as the worldwide No. 1 Green Tech Cluster in all the rankings to date.


Be part of this breeding ground for green innovation!

The Green Tech Cluster provides support for R&D-project development, assessment of technology trends and market opportunities and establishing global contacts.

Your benefits:

  • Inspiration & partnerships

Gain inspiration, new cooperation and know-how by visiting the Green Tech Valley. We establish partnerships with world’s leading Green Tech companies, research facilities and universities

  • Develop R&D-Projects

Start your successful innovation projects with new partners from the Green Tech Cluster and benefit from our access to funding and investor contacts. Bi-annually events like the Innovators Clubs offer you a broad visibility to highlight your R&D project.

  • Market Entry

The cluster accompanies you from the initiation of a project, the co-creation until the market entry with pilot customers from our network.

  • Visibility

We provide visibility in the Green Tech community and media (newsletter, homepage, magazines, press releases etc.) You will be part of the number 1 worldwide in terms of innovative Green Tech.


Our main areas

Green Energy

  • Hydro, solar thermal, biomass and biofuel
  • Integrated energy systems
  • Generators for hydro, wind and power plants
  • Large scale solar thermal and photovoltaics

Green Building

  • Energy facades, recycling of facades
  • Efficient Lighting
  • Smart city development

Green Resources

  • Sorting of glass, plastics, paper and metal
  • Rare earth recovery and battery recycling
  • Waste to energy
  • Digital waste management


Furthermore, e-mobility solutions, efficient processes and appliances as well as water and air purification are points of interest. For more information, please visit www.greentech.at


During your visit, you will stay in the Green Tech Cluster office located in the Science Tower where regional and international companies are working on new, sustainable building technologies.  The Science Tower, as an urban landmark, has a double-skinned façade that is cast on the outside as a cloak around the basic shape of a truncated cone standing on its tip, and is the first building worldwide using panels of transparent energy glass (Grätzel cells) in the façade for power supply.

For more information please visit: http://info.science-tower.at/en/



I’ll use the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster’s offices, attend their activities as a member, and meet their key business contacts!


How to Proceed?

If you are interested to exploring market opportunities, then just fill in the ICN Passport Application. You will receive shortly after a communication from the host cluster.

Also, for more information about this region and how they are implementing a sustainable and strong economy please click here or send an email to schwab@greentech.at.

More information about ICN and the passport and the application can be found here.

This is another benefit of being a partner of International Cleantech Network.


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