ICN Opportunity: Meet the Buyer events in the Scale-Up project

14 Feb 2017

ICN Opportunity: Meet the Buyer events in the Scale-Up project



ICN is proud to announce the “Meet the buyer” events that will take place on 29 March 2017 in Mechelen, Belgium and at 6 April 2017 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The events are part of the Scale-up project which is a collaboration with cleantech clusters from the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, with its initiator being the municipality of Rotterdam. Through this program, large companies will be helped to procure customized green innovation solutions. At the same time, young and, yet, small companies are enabled to grow and to make the economy more sustainable. Scale-up is funded by the European Development Fund Interreg.

This could be interesting for relevant SMEs who are interested in showcasing their products and engaging with corporates and international cluster partners in the Scale-Up project. Moreover, parallel to the M.T.B. events there will be a regular networking event, giving the start-ups the chance to meet companies in NL and Belgium. ICN will aim to be a part of the event in Mechelen on 29 March promoting ICN passport and other ICN services. 

Targeted SMEs

SMEs are sought with knowledge and expertise in:

  • Data engineering and ICT for data processing and artificial intelligence (validation of the instrument diagnostic data)
  • Partners with knowledge or products in multi sensors
  • New production techniques for flow measurement devices with integration of ICT
  • Energy efficient compact hydraulic systems.
  • New technologies for elevators (cages) inside windmills (at sea).
  • New technologies, material and new combinations of energy and drives.
  • Ways to speed up the digitalization process and connection 2D/3D engineering to real time (holo lens) service and maintenance solutions, technical supervision from long distance and (big) data analysis solutions

 No event charge + reimbursement of travel costs – The events are free of charge and SMEs can reimburse 50% of their traveling costs up to €500.

For more information please contact ICN on frederik@internationalcleantechnetwork.com or +45 61 24 33 16.

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