Current Regional Promotion

Every month, ICN promotes member clusters from a particular region as part of the ICN Passport Service. We are currently promoting our cluster member Tenerrdis located in Grenoble, France. If you are interested in exploring the cleantech markets in France you can do so by simply applying for the ICN Passport.

ICN Passport Regional Promotion, 28th edition (July 2019):



Our cluster member Tenerrdis is expert in the following fields:

  • Renewable energy production and insertion into the decarbonized mix (Biomass, Hydropower, Wind Power, Solar)
  • Cybersecurity and smart energy systems
  • Carbon-free Mobility (with a strong position on Hydrogen)
  • Storage and energy conversion
  • Multi-vectors microgrids
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and industry


Tenerrdis offers following benefits to their members: 

  • Facilitates partnerships among businesses, research centres, education, and other organizations spanning the public and private sectors,
  • Creates collaborative ecosystems,
  • Fosters new energy technology projects that build expertise,
  • Generate new business opportunities (including on the international level),
  • Create jobs

For more information about regional opportunities in France, please check out the Tenerrdis brochure.