Are you a Canadian digital tech company ready for the US market?

CTA Digital Tech Program in NYC
17 Nov 2016

Canadian Technology Accelerators in NYC

Are you a Canadian digital tech company ready for the US market? The Canadian Technology Accelerator in NYC can help!

The Digital Tech Accelerator connects Canadian companies to clients, strategic partners and investors in New York: Apply by 2nd December for cohort 15 taking place February – June 2017

About the Canadian Technology Accelerator (Digital Tech):

It is a five-month program run by the Canadian Consulate General in New York that helps high-potential tech SMEs in: Ad Tech | FinTech | Big Data Analytics | Software-as-a-Service | E-commerce | Online Content

What they do: The Canadian Technology Accelerator connects Canadian tech companies to new clients, strategic partners and investors. We help companies land key clients, expand their business in the international marketplace and raise capital

How they do it: In-depth workshops with leading experts, individual mentorship from private-sector partners, industry leaders and Trade Commissioners; membership at Grind, a central co-working facility in NYC; one-month virtual programming and four months of in-market support in NYC; monthly programming and events

Who are they looking for:  Revenue-generating Canadian companies ($1M+ in revenue/or investment) suitable for the New York City market, with a client acquisition strategy for NYC;  a senior representative who can spend four months in NYC to generate business; a strong and experienced founding team

How to Apply: Fill out and submit application form by 2 December 2016.

Download the application form.

Click here for more information. 


Visit the CTA Website of the Canadian trade Commissioner Service for more information about the program, and how to apply.

About The Canadian Technology Accelerator in New York (CTA):

The Consulate General of Canada in New York runs three technology accelerators that target high-potential early-stage companies in three sectors selected through a competitive process:

CTA Health IT: CTA CleanTech: CTA Digital Tech:
Focusing on patient-centered solutions using health information technology including mobile devices (mHealth) and telemedicine (eHealth) Green chemistry and advanced materials |  energy/water data, analysis, management & control |  clean energy | clean transportation and mobility, clean web, consumer engagement and smart grid Ad Tech FinTech | Big Data Analytics | Software-as-a-Service E-commerce Online Content
@CTAhealthIT @CleantechCTA @CTA_NYC

The companies receive international business acceleration from partners in the private sector, working closely with Trade Commissioners of the International Business Development section of the Canadian Consulate.

For more information: Visit Canadian Technology Accelerator website or send an email to


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