ICN Zoom #4

22 Oct 2015

What’s going on in Our World 

  • News from ICN members:
    • Congratulations for the 10th anniversary of Tenerrdis. At the agenda: back on 10 years of innovation at the service of the energy transition, presentation of the cluster’s “Vision 2020”, launch of the new label “Energized by Tenerrdis”, and… launch of the ICN Passport. More info
    • Conduct a new study, link cleantech innovators with Chatham Park… check out the coming year key initiatives of Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster’s. More info
    • Renewable Energy Hamburg (REH) hosted last week the event “Efficiency gains and the use of renewable energies in the heat supply – Hamburg as an example”, on a new heating concept. The keynote was the Head of Energy of the Ministry of Environment. More info
    • Preparing for impending changes to the building regulations in South Africa, GreenCape organized a networking event on how the building community can prepare. More info
    • The Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster is focusing on gaining global markets intelligence! LE2C just received a Brazilian delegation to develop some synergies  (more info) and, next week, the Canadian Embassy and a professor from Quebec have been invited to present Canada’s biorefinery expertise. More info
    • Breakthrough for Danish system exports to the US: a Danish consortium (members of CLEAN) has just signed an exclusive agreement with NuPower Thermal LLC, a recognized American company that build district heating plant. The project investment is over 20 millions euros. More info
    • OREEC member Siemens Norway has supplied the propulsion system to the world’s first electric fishing boat. More info
    • The Siemens transformer works in Weiz (Eco World Styria member) has received the contract for the supply, installation and commissioning of three transformers in London from the UK National Grid. More info
    • 2 ICN companies ranked in the prestigious 2015 ICIS Innovation Awards, also known as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI): #1 for Best Product Innovation, for the fourth consecutive year, is Clean Tech Delta member AkzoNobel (more info) ; awarded for Best Business Innovation is Enerkem (Ecotech Quebec member). More info
  • ICN Projects:
    • This week, many ICN clusters will be in Copenhagen for the final event of the 3-year EU-project “Colsweep”. CLEAN, in collaboration with LE2C, Eco World Styria, OREEC, and also Aclima, organized an international conference on Waste-to-Energy in the circular economy. 50+ companies and 20+ research centers will attend the conference and benefit from a rich program of B2B meetings and onsite visits.
    • Follow up on the ICN Passport in South Africa: Testimony from the two Quebec’s companies which benefited from GreenCape’s assistance during SAIREC: “Did you generate any business/or leads? I sure did. At least three good business leads with organizations and incubators. I have also found the information I needed for the businesses I was representing. As per Sebastien, he had an objective of bringing back a minimum of 5  important business leads and he reached it. The next step is to see the seriousness of these leads and make sure that the partnerships continue and develop into real business projects“. Myriam Bélisle, Sherbrooke Innopole.
  • Best practices:
    • Eco World Styria launched its Green Tech Valley Guide 2016/17: 300 fresh technologies from over 180 companies and research institutions from the Green Tech Valley can be found in this well-developed directory. Discover the Green Tech Valley Guide
    • Fred’s (Clean Tech Delta) new blog is online. Check out his vision on this excellent question: “most technologies to tackle climate change exist today, so why are they not aggressively deployed at scale?”.

Opportunities for your Members


  • Unique opportunity: After three years held in Berlin, Watervent will be held in Philadelphia in April 21-22, 2016. This exclusive event (no more than 200 attendees) targets water cleantech companies (and any other technology of the water nexus i.e. agriculture, food, beverage, aquaculture…) looking for funding and first clients. As member of an ICN cluster, companies benefit from a 20% discount and a stage to present their innovation. Contact Victoria for more info.
  • International Membership: CLEAN agreed with the organizers of Barcelona Smart City Expo on reduced prices for its member. There is a possibility that CLEAN could arrange that all sign-ups that come via ICN gets the same discounted price. If you are interested, please contact Preben.

Don’t hesitate to send me news or stories about what’s going on in your region.

Contact me at the Secretariat email address: secretariat@internationalcleantechnetwork.com

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